New Logo & Visual Identity
Firenor has changed its logo and visual identity.

The Firenor logo is the primary visual representation of our brand and should accompany all corporate and product communications. The conceptual opposition between the fire and our system function is the subject of this logo design. In another words, Firenor activities are related to a `fight` between the fire and the extinction, the warmth and the coolness. This idea formed a paradoxical shape which shows a flame and a water drop in a minimal and symbolic way. This shape is also similar to a curved f letter, stand for Firenor. The authentic colors of this logo are selected. The blue/green color is known as sea green and the red one is a particular enhanced color. Considering the curves of the logo and its solidness, a curvy and rounded-corner font is used for logotype, to match it more.

Firenor former logo was