Firenor designs, produces, assembles, tests, installs and performs commissioning on an enormous variety of high quality active firefighting systems for onshore, offshore, and marine industries. As part of our quality assurance procedures, Firenor carries out a variety of tests during production of the equipment and prior to the delivery. Some of the tests are listed below, however Firenor can adopt its test procedures to any project specification. Firenor production personnel can assist your project with following tests:

  • Positive Material Identification
  • Welding Non-Destructive Tests
  • Pull Test
  • Painting Qualification Tests
  • Painting Destructive Tests
  • Insulation Resistance and Loop Test
  • Pressure Test
  • Assembly Leak Test
  • Function Test
  • Full Scale Test
  • Foam analyzes
  • Noise Test


Firenor has developed containerized full-scale test equipment for water, foam, and powder. These containerized units can be easily transported to any site location to fully verify your system after installation or modification. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of other test equipment valuable for performing other types of test results verification, including instruments for flow and pressure measurement, for commissioning, and for periodic testing.


To ensure environmentally friendly testing of powder systems internally and externally, Firenor has developed a powder test container. The test container can be transported to any site location, onshore or offshore, for use during periodical testing of dual agents and other appropriate tests. Container can also be used for collection of water and foam after test. After the external test is completed, Firenor will take possession of the container and use proper procedures to safely treat it for residual chemicals.


Firenor has a transportable water pump that allows full-scale testing of larger water based systems. This pump system is ideal for testing before the final firewater pump is connected. Knowing that each sub system is working perfectly before final commissioning will save a lot of valuable time in the last stages of the project.


The testing department produces  documentation relevant to each test. Tailor made test procedure considering the  client needs can be prepared. Documentation normally includes the following: 

  • Test Procedure
  • Test Report
  • Operation Procedure
  • Drawings
  • Calibration Certificates
  • Lifting Procedure
  • Lifting Certificates


Firenor test teams are fully trained and certified in all safety procedures required for offshore travel. Our fully equipped test personnel are available for clients no matter where they are located. For many years, Firenor has used its experience to assist clients all around the world.