Firenor designs, produces, assembles, tests, installs and does commissioning on an enormous variety of high quality active firefighting systems for onshore, offshore and marine industries. Firefighting equipment is never in continuous use, and while designed for high reliability, it may not be subject to the same monitoring as other systems. Faults and defects are therefore more likely to appear without being noticed by operators. An undetected fault can cause a catastrophic result. To ensure that the equipment will remain functional and available in the event of an emergency situation, maintenance inspections must be carried out at regular intervals.


We find that customers who schedule routine inspection / maintenance of their equipment, experience less down time, reduce annual parts costs and ultimately optimize their system’s performance if it is needed. Firenor offers our preventive maintenance services to operators who uses Firenor equipment or equipment manufactured by others upon request.


Firenor offers a wide selection of well stocked spare parts, scheduled periodic inspections and services, upgrades, replacement services, and general repair services that optimize uptime and reduce the lifecycle cost of equipment. Firenor can procure and manage all spares required to maintain the required level of availability of the firefighting equipment.


Firenor deliver maintenance services to the following equipment:

  • Deluge systems
  • DIFF (Deck Fntegrated Firefighting) systems
  • Monitor systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • DAHR (Dual Agent Hose Reel) system
  • Hose reels
  • Hydrants
  • Foam systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Gaseous systems
  • Hydrophore systems
  • APPC (Active Pressure Pulse Compensator) Systems
  • Safety equipment
  • Rim seal systems
  • Utility stations
  • Breathing air equipment
  • Emergency escape breathing device
  • Inergen, Argonite and CO2 system
  • Integrity testing of rooms
  • Wet chemical extinguisher system portable gas detectors
  • Compressor for breathing air
  • Pressure testing of cylinders/tanks
  • Central gas welding plant
  • Vetter air lifting bags
  • Face fit testing of respiratory protection equipment
  • Portable extinguishers


If the customer does not already have procedures for maintenance and testing, Firenor will develop those procedures. After all tests and maintenance inspections, Firenor will document the procedures with a service report.